Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Christmas Tour & Story

I have been seeing (around the blog world) "Christmas Tours" of people's homes, showing off different Christmas / winter decorations. I always love seeing how other people decorate for the season!

My decorations are nothing fancy. In fact, I usually purchase one or two things each year (so my collection will grow over time). But here is the official Christmas Tour around my house!


I only put up one tree, and it is in my living room. I love tall, slendor trees and only use white lights and decorate it in (mostly) red, gold and silver balls (of all sizes). But I am starting to get a good collection of ornaments and am looking forward to having more ornaments on my tree!

I purchased this tree at a garage sale many years ago. It is about done, though. It is breaking. So I will be looking for a new tree after Christmas this year! The tree skirt is of snowmen. I think I want something a little different next year...but I'll have to just wait and see what I can find!


I picked this little sign up this year while I was out shopping for other stuff. I love it. So simple! I had already decorated my house and could not really find a place for it...so it is on a nail above my laundry area. And yes, it is hanging over the molding! A little whte trash...but I don't care!

My favorite Christmas candle this year...Mulled Cider. It smells sooo good! I love burning it anytime I am home for an extended time period.

This is a frame in my kitchen that I see everyday. I love having scripture around that I can look at (and sometimes memorize) that reminds me what Christmas is about!

And this is what is in it...

My kitchen table is very simply decorated. This table is used to eat at, work at, wrap presents, decorate cookies...a lot of different things. So I need a decoration that is easy to 'undo'! Through the years, I have decided that I love table runners...one piece of material - easy. And my white dishes look really nice against the dark brown table and red runner!

My little Christmas Village. All of these pieces (except one) have been given to me. I think there are 3 different villages represented here...but I don't really care! I think they are pretty cute all lit up together. This sits on top of Jaxen’s toy shelf. And pushed all the way back, so he can't reach it!

I have these cute little snowmen. And since this picture was taken, I have received 2 more that now sit on the same shelf in my living room. I don't necessarly collect them, but I think they are cute...and they bring a little bit of 'winter' to this time of year!

Jaxen has this book basket that sits by his rocking chair. He has received a couple of Christmas books...the "Silent Night" book is my favorite. And yes, Jessica, there are now 2 sock monkeys! The little one was given to Jaxen for Christmas and when turned on, it laughs and rolls around on the floor. It is hilarious!!! Jaxen is not too sure about it yet...but Nik and I get a kick out of it!

A Christmas wreath and our stockings hang above the fireplace. Nik and I have had our stockings for a couple of years, but I think I want to replace them next year. I love the look of Jaxen's stocking and want to buy us some that match his. There also sits a 'Toymaker Santa' that I think is so cute. And a little snowman that (when the button is pushed) drums some Christmas song. Jaxen loves this little toy. It was given to him last year. He presses the button and walks around with it while it drums away!

This is my nativity set. I love it. I remember seeing it in a store a long time ago, and telling my mom that this was the nativity I wanted. (It now has become like the most popular nativity ever!) Through the years, I have collected most of the pieces - mainly through gifts. Which I love! Every piece is so special and every time I unwrap it, I remember who gave me each piece!

This part of my Christmas decorations tell THE story. A story that is filled with awe and wonder. How God sent his son to earth….

Click below to listen to “A Shepherds Perspective” - Nik’s ‘sermon’ (story) last Sunday.


Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. First off, I just want to say that I absolutely LOVE this!!!!! I love your tour. Secondly, I am very scared of y'all's obsession with sock monkeys!