Monday, December 30, 2013

No Rhyme or Reason

I don’t have much to post about Jaxen lately. He is having fun playing with all his Christmas presents! And catching up on his sleep….he has been one tired boy. I made it a point today, to stay home most of the day. We only went out to run to the grocery store, drop some stuff off at goodwill and get me a coke. I turned down plans for tonight. I just think we all need a night at home. And I’m looking forward to it! I am making biscuits, bacon and eggs. Breakfast comfort food. Yum.

Jaxen and I had major cuddle time today. So nice. I don’t get cuddle time too much (he is always on the go) and so I enjoyed it so much today. He even fell asleep because he got so relaxed and took an unexpected nap!

So I took advantage of that time and cleaned the bathroom, did laundry and cleaned out the fridge and freezer. Productive.

Now, Jaxen is walking around the house, drumming. He is getting really good at “marching” and drumming at the same time!

This weekend (really, this week) starts a very busy season for us. Upward Basketball games start this Saturday and will continue for the next 8 weeks. And since they begin this Saturday…we have lots to do, to get ready. Once the season starts, things basically fall into place with just some ‘maintenance’ each week. But the first week, lining everything up, making sure everything is in place…well, that’s another story! Last night, I was feeling a little stressed about pulling it all together and Nik reminded me that we feel this way every year. He is right. And it always works out!

In addition to Upward starting, Nik is preaching the next 2 Sundays, and then out of town the following weekend on a youth trip. So, lots to do!

I have been in a cleaning/organizing mode. I think I mentioned it…but we re-arranged our Living Room the other night. And I love it! And all our Christmas decorations are boxed up, and put back in the attic. I think that is a record for us! I know it is too early for some to put the decorations away (bad luck before the New Year and all…) but I don’t care. I put mine up early, and I know if I didn’t do it this week…it would be forever before it got done!

Speaking of the New Year…today at the grocery store I bought black eyed peas. Nik asked me too. Apparently he likes to follow the tradition of having them on New Years. I enjoyed skipping that tradition ever since I moved out of my mom’s house! So mom, be proud. I will be eating at least a teaspoon of black eyed peas. Maybe more. Who knows?!

Before I finish up this post which has no rhyme or reason to it…I will end with this picture.

If you are familiar with this store at all, you can probably pick out which store it is by just looking closely at the picture….but if not, it is IKEA. 

Saturday night, while at dinner with friends, one of them mentioned they needed to go to Ikea to get a few things. And when that store is mentioned in my general direction, at all, my mind automatically thinks of at least 3 things that I need. Anyone else? So Nik, Jaxen and I along with two other couples made our way to Round Rock, and visited the Ikea. Those who know Ikea would be proud, we ate lunch, shopped, checked out and had a snack before we left - all around 3 hours. That can be hard to do...especially with so many people together!

The store was packed. And a bit overwhelming. But we had fun. While we were eating our snack, Jaxen discovered the computer station where you can apply for a job. So he did. And that computer is Jaxen-proof! And he almost got the job!

That was a long ‘ending’ to this post. Sorry.

And that’s it for tonight.

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