Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014

I was a party animal last night! We had a get together at the church beginning at 8pm, but Jaxen and I were home by 9:15! He was in bed shortly after and I was sitting in a chair, catching up on some TV time. Crazy, huh? We were having a good time at the party…but it was just time for Jaxen to go to bed. He was getting so tired. And I thought it best, that we come home so he could go to bed. So that is what we did! (In case anyone wondered how we spent our New Years Eve!)


I am in the middle of putting together a 2013 review. It’s time consuming and kind of hard to look back at the past year and pick some highlights from each month. But it has been really fun, as well. 2013 held many ‘firsts’ for Jaxen. And it is really neat to go back and look at some of my favorite pictures from the year. Hopefully you will enjoy it too - once I get it posted!

I was trying to think how to sum up the last year. And I still can’t really figure it out. Personally, for Nik, Jaxen and I - 2013 was awesome. Jaxen grew up from baby to toddler and we have had so much fun with him. We took some really great trips this year and saw many friends and family throughout the year. Nik and I celebrated our 11th anniversary and even though our marriage is not without some rocky times - I love him more than I ever have. We are a team, and I am excited to keep living life with him!

The past year, at our church has been tough. I don’t know a better word. It was not bad…just tough. We have had many changes with the staff and leadership of the church and even on a district level. This time last year our church looked completely different - and now, Nik is one of two preachers on Sunday mornings and is running the day-to-day operations of our church. Through everything our church has been through this past year - I have felt God telling me to look to Him and to wait on Him.  I have tried. I have tried to keep my focus on Him, and not on other people. Oh, how people can hurt you. I have heard the saying that ‘if it wasn’t for people, ministry would be so much easier’. Ha! If you have ever been in ministry, you understand that. But on the flip side, when you allow yourself to be used by God and allow yourself to see others and things the way God sees them…it is so rewarding! And a much better place to be. 

We have seen God at work this past year, despite some of the other stuff. We saw God heal Fabian and bring his family closer to Him. Miracles there. And it was awesome to be a part of it. We have seen some of our teens dedicate themselves to the Lord. One was even called into ministry this past year. We have seen them step up, be different, and serve God. I have seen how God has worked through Nik in our church through friendships, sermons, and just in how he has lived his life and conducted himself this past year. All through the grace of God. 

I am excited about 2014. I am praying about 2014 - that it will go the direction that the Lord has for us. That he will guide our days. And that we will keep learning to trust Him, to love Him and to help others do the same.


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