Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Church News

First, a Jaxen update: We went to the doctor yesterday and he got his stitches out. The doctor said he was healing well and should have no scars! He is doing great!


The most recent development in our church is that the pastor resigned his position this past Sunday. His last Sunday will be December 15, and then he will move on to a new position elsewhere. He is really excited about his new position and I think it will be really great for him and his family! He is leaving on good terms with the staff, the church board and the congregation. We will be praying for him as he starts this new journey in his ministry.

As for our church….that obviously leaves us without a pastor right now. I’m not sure how everything will go during this transitional period. We are seeking God’s direction for our lives and for the life of our church as we move ahead. Please be in prayer about this with us.

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