Saturday, November 9, 2013

11 Year Anniversary

Today Nik and I celebrate our 11th Wedding Anniversary! I can hardly believe it. 11 years sounds like such a long time...especially when you are still struggling to admit you are in your 30's! Not that I am or anything.

Nik has given me some of my best memories and moments in life. He is my very best friend. I love him (and even like him) more now than I did 11 years ago!

Last night we celebrated in style. It was fancy!

First off, I have to tell you that we are on a youth trip. Well, kind of on a youth trip. We brought 4 teens to Oklahoma to check out Southern Nazarene University for College Days. We left Thursday and on Friday morning, we dropped them off at the college. We won’t see them again until we pick them up later today (Saturday).

Jeff, Jonathan, Wesley and Katie - SNU Bound!

So last night we took out the 15 passenger van and went to dinner! Like I said….fancy! One of our friends who lives near here was so kind and stayed at our hotel with Jaxen so we could have dinner alone. Thanks, Meghan!

Our fancy ride!

Just the two of us - 11 years!!!!!

We actually ate at our favorite steak place, Saltgrass, so that was nice! And then it was Dunkin’ Donuts for dessert! This is like a tradition with us now. Everytime we come here, we always end up having Dunkin Donuts for dessert one night!

The sunset showed off for us last night. Bad pictures. But beautiful colors.

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