Friday, November 1, 2013

Costume Reveal

So if you guessed that Jaxen's costume was an oragne were right!

If you guessed a traffic came close.

First, let me start off with this adorable picture of Jaxen on his 2nd Halloween:

The costume packaging showed to wear the costume with a long sleeve black shirt and black pants.
Well, Wednesday night when I realized was too late. So gray shirt and jeans, it was!

And here is a view from the back...for those that thought traffic cone:

He was adorable in his outfit. Everyone said so, so it's not just me :)

And I know there were probably other organge-crayon-dressed kids out there,
but Jaxen was the only one I saw!

For the record, I bought this adorable pumpkin candy-holder-thing to use
when we went trick-or-treating. See how cute?

And then I left it at home.

You can tell I'm a newbie.

I left my child's candy-holder-thing AT HOME.

When we got to our first stop (Trunk or Treat at FBC) we got out of the car
and that is when I realized he had no place to put his candy!

Thankfully, the people in charge anticipated newbies like me and
he got a plastic sack. Not near as cute. But it worked.

As a side note....I feel terribly guilty taking candy from people, knowing
my child will only eat about 2% that he gets. I actually kept telling people
"No thanks - he has enough candy".

And then I got the Nik-glare. It’s powerful.

And I stopped saying it!

So are you ready for cute pics of Jaxen trick-or-treating?!

There are none.


He was too hard to wrangle at the FBC Trunk or Treat.
You wouldn't really think so.
But you can take my word.

Then we stopped at a friends house...
And I forgot to take a picture.

Then we came home and spent the rest of the evening passing candy out
from our neighbor's driveway.

Actually, Jaxen was putting the candy in kids candy-holder-things!
He did so good, and it was so cute to see him doing it.
Everyone loved it!

Thankfully, I did take a few pictures that afternoon when I tried his outfit on him.
This was before I adjusted the elastic strap that you see in the pictures. That I so classy
attached to the inside of the hat with safety pins.

Question: what are the candy-holder-things called? buckets, baskets....I'm not sure.

And we had a 3rd dinner fail this week. Sheesh!
We were going to grill chicken and corn on the cob....from Tuesday.
But guess what? No propane still.
So we went with Sonic's $.50 corn dogs for dinner Thursday night....YUMMY!

And just in case you were wondering....
Jaxen has slept through the night twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm still a bit sleep deprived though (he woke up around 5 this morning).
I'm blaming this ridiculous post on that. Grin.

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