Friday, November 22, 2013


I hope this post finds everyone healthy and well. Our little sickness has been through myself, Jaxen and has now landed on Nik.

Last night at 10, I was in my garage putting Christmas lights on my tree! And I was sweating. It was so hot and humid last night. And today, cold and drizzly!

Is everyone else feeling insanely busy right now? I sure am. Most of it is at work though. Working in the Music Ministry during the Christmas Season is always fun...but lots of work! So I have lagged behind in blogging this week. There is really not too much to share right now, though. Sorry!

But before I end this are a few pictures of Jaxen that I love....

"Playing - Brushing Teeth"
He loves to brush his teeth and "pretends" all the time!

Jaxen made a Thanksgiving Hat at MDO for
their Thanksgiving Feast they shared this past Thursday.
So cute!


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