Thursday, November 14, 2013

'Tis The Season!

I know it is only November 14 (Happy Birthday, Kay) but I'm ready to decorate for Christmas. I know it is super early and just for the record...I have never decorated for Christmas this early. I'm not sure why exactly I'm ready but here are a few things I've been thinking...
  • I'm ready to start buying some Christmas things for Jaxen...but can't remember what I have already purchased from the after-Christmas-sales!
  • I've had my few fall decorations out since mid-September and I'm tired of them.
  • We are traveling a lot between now and Christmas for various things and when I'm home in December I want to enjoy the decorations, and not stress over putting them out.
  • I can't wait for Jaxen to start enjoying things of the season....trees, lights, nativities, etc.
  • And Thanksgiving is late this year.
Don't think I have rushed fall or Thanksgiving. I have not. Remember, I had fall decorations up since September. And we have done the pumpkin-patch thing, and taken fall pictures, and done Halloween and we still have a few Thanksgiving meals to attend. So, I'm not rushing. I am actually looking forward to Thanksgiving!

Tonight we pulled our Christmas stuff out of the attic. I have not decorated yet, but I will probably start this weekend. Anyone else ready to decorate for Christmas yet?!

I know…even though I want to, it does still sound crazy. I can’t even imagine what my mom is thinking!!!

Before I end this post, I will add a few pics of Jaxen. It has been awhile since I have posted pics of him.

This was Jaxen on Sunday. All dressed and ready for church!

This was from a couple of weeks ago.
He was eating a chocolate chip molten lava cookie. 

He looks kinda like a baby vampire. Which is completely disturbing.

And just so you don’t end on that note…here is a cute pic of my boy.
In honor of Thanksgiving!

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