Sunday, November 10, 2013


Jaxen has had his first stitches. 

Two, to be exact. 
In his nose. 
Don’t be alarmed…he is okay. 

Thursday, while at Mother’s Day Out, he fell. They called me right when it happened and told me that his nose was bleeding, but that he was okay. He had stopped crying and so they were trying to clean up the blood to see what happened to his nose.

Then they called me back and said it was a cut, at the base of his left nostril and was actually separated from his face. If that makes sense to you.

So I took Jaxen to an urgent care facility and he definitely needed stitches. He did so good while they looked at him and put some numbing cream on his nose. Then it came time for stitches. I left the room and listened to him screaming from outside the door. Not fun. They numbed him more, so I don’t know that he was screaming from being hurt, but more from the fact they had to wrap him like a mummy and hold him down while they did the stitches. It was very quick. Once they were done, I went in and got him calmed down again.

Then we got in the car, went to the church to meet Nik, hoped in the van and headed to Oklahoma!

Jaxen has done great with the stitches. I gave him medicine for the first 24 hours but have not given him anymore. He acts like nothing is wrong and has paid no attention to his nose. We go back on Monday to (hopefully) get the stitches out.

This was the best picture I could get of his stitches. 
It really just looks like he has black snot coming out of his nose!

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