Friday, June 30, 2017

Tee Ball

This past Wednesday night, Jaxen had his last Tee Ball of the season.

Here is his little team
(Jaxen is on the bottom row, far right)

And this is both teams and coaches 
(they practiced together each week)

This was an “instructional” tee ball.
The very basics.
I’m thankful for it though.
It was a lot of fun for Jaxen, 
and I think he would be willing to play again next year.

Zane almsot figured out this fence!
Haha - good thing it was our last week :)

I think Jaxen’s favorite thing from the season was
when they practiced with water balloons.
And on this last night - they got to throw water balloons at each other.
At the same time (through the fence).
Water was everywhere and all the kids loved it!

Jaxen is second from the left.

 So much fun!!!

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