Friday, June 2, 2017

Tee Ball

A few weeks ago, Jaxen started Tee Ball!
We actually signed him up when there was snow on the ground. 
It took awhile for it to finally get here - but when it did Jaxen was so excited!
He calls it his “Baseball School” Haha!

First night of practice...

Things get better each week!
And he loves it. That’s most important.

Right now, I’m unable to attend and watch him.
I teach a Bible Study the same night.
In a few weeks, I hope to be able to watch.
So I see pictures and videos that Nik takes and hear stories.

Jaxen’s 2 friends from school are on his team.
I’m not sure this is a great idea…they play a whole lot!
I hear all about “ninja kicks and ninja throws”

 This picture makes me laugh out loud.
Look closely.
See how far away the ball is from the glove?!
That’s the best.

Nothing cuter than Tee Ball, right?!

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