Friday, June 9, 2017

Weekend Recap

Before this weekend gets started too much…
here is a recap of last weekend!


Friday morning we left the house by 8:40am and headed to Watertown!

Nik had his annual NYI District Convention there and we all tagged along.
Call me crazy!
Really, we all came because Nik wanted my help with a few things.

Anyways - we pulled into Watertown and ran errands all morning -
ending up at the mall food court for lunch (my favorite - because we can all get what we want!).

Then we headed to the church to start setting up for Convention.

Once that was done - Nik and I parted ways and I grabbed a Sonic soda
and headed to my friend, Tammi’s house.
While we waited for Tammi Jaxen wanted to take pictures with me: silly, serious and happy!

We had a great time at Tammi’s…
Jaxen loves it because her son, Matt, just plays and plays with him.
So Tammi and I got to visit!

That evening we headed to some more friends, the Matteson’s (Leah’s family).
We hung at their house, ate dinner and had a great time.

Come 7pm we walked a few blocks for the annual Dairy Parade!
And let me just say…it was cold there.
Colder than I expected, or dressed the kids (or me) for!
I actually ended up pulling out a winter outfit for Zane that I had packed in a box
to give Michelle for baby Isaac. Haha!
It was a bit small, but did the trick.

All ready for the parade!

The best part about the parade?
Free Cabot cheese samples. Yummy!

And second…
the free ice cream sample!

 There are lots of tractors and cows too...

This was our 3rd Dairy Parade and we just love it!

While we were having fun and hanging out with friends,
Nik was back at the church running the Convention.
They had registration and a worship service (where Nik preached)
and then they all took off to Go-Carts and Putt Putt for the night!

Thankfully, the boys did super well in the hotel that night.
Jaxen loves sleeping in hotels (and playing with the phone, desk, fridge…etc.)

Saturday started out bright and early!
We were out the door by 7:15 and met up with my friend Jessie (Clay’s mom)
so she could watch the boys for me that morning.

They boys had the best time at their house!

While they were there - Nik and I were back at Convention.
I helped him run some Group Initiatives for the students while the adults were in workshops
and then everyone went to service projects for the rest of the morning.

Around noon I picked the kids up and got us lunch and then we headed back to church
to catch the end of Convention.

The council called Nik and I up to the stage at the end of Convention and presented us with a gift.
And I have to say…it was the sweetest. Ever.
What was so sweet was that they recognized our family -
they know how much Nik, in this position, takes him away from his family,
and they gifted me with a gift card to get a massage!
Awesome, right?

Of course, I’m proud of Nik and all that he does for the District,
he loves it, and is called by God to do what he does.

After Convention, we met some friends at a new playground!
To say it was packed was an understatement.
Wow - it was a bit overwhelming, but we made the most of it and had fun.

Right before we left I snapped a pic of Jaxen and his bestie, Leah.
They are always so excited to see each other and play!

And that was it for our two boys.
They were exhausted!
We wanted to hang around and meet some friends for dinner, 
but just look at this one...

I could not wake him up!
So we decided to just head home and it was probably a great decision.
We all were exhausted!

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