Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Birthday Countdown

Every since Zane had his one year birthday Jaxen has been so excited about his birthday! Well, let me re-phrase that. Jaxen has had all kinds of emotions about his birthday… “I never get to have a birthday” “I’m so excited for my birthday” “I’m sad because my birthday will never come” “Can I have balloons for my birthday and decorations?”…. and on and on. Plus the question of “How many days until my birthday? Is it a long way away?”

So - I made him a calendar. And everyday we mark off that particular day and countdown to his birthday. And there was no way I was going to enjoy my life as “mom” (meaning, I would never hear the end of it) if I did not have a party for him! Haha! In the past, we have just done fun things for his birthday. Not this year. No way. He wanted a party! I’m told it is mostly due to other kids in his class having parties and because we had a little party for Zane. Nik and I gave in (not like it was hard - I really don’t care if he wants a party) and have scheduled his party for this Saturday.

His very own little bulletin board
with his artwork, pictures and his calendar.

We have been doing this everyday since May 11.

I have no idea what we will do for his party though…?!

I did buy and send out invitations to all the kids in his class (plus a few extra that we have become friends with from playing together after school); I bought balloons and streamers; I have a chocolate cake mix and chocolate icing (his request); and candles so he can blow them out and make a wish.

Since the party is at 5pm - we will grill hot dogs, have chips and drinks.

What more is needed?! Group games?! And do I have to do a goodie bag for every kid to take home?!

So hard…

Oh, and the weather has been cold and rainy all week. It’s supposed to clear up.

My plan is to wait until Saturday morning comes and decide then what we are doing. Which means, I’ll probably end up at the store and spend too much money on silly stuff that no one cares about 2 hours after the party is over. Oh well…that’s what we as moms do, right?!

All that to say…Jaxen is READY for his birthday and I’m trying to make it a fun time. I will try and if I fail there is always next year and life will go on! Ha!

And because we are counting down….here is a look back…

2013 - 1 year old

2014 - 2 years old

2015 - 3 years old

2016 - 4 years old

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  1. Oh! I wish I could be there for his party! How fun - he is at an age where he gets to pick! You will be great - you always are - and yes - we all spend way to much on stuff that no one cares about 2 hours after the party!