Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wild Life, Parades, and More!

Basically this post is a whole bunch of pictures from our last few weeks…but I thought that title might be a bit more interesting! Haha!

First up - it’s a thing now that when Nik or I go out of town we let Jaxen sleep with us, or we sleep in his room one night. Last weekend Nik was gone for 1 night so guess where I ended up? In Jaxen’s room :)

 All ready for bed.

My view for the night. I love that little sleeping boy!

I also love this little man! And he loves cheesing’ it up for the camera.

We have recently had some “wild life” hanging around! On Sunday we saw this skunk hanging outside by our driveway. Jaxen was so scared he was going to spray us! It was pretty funny, listening to Jaxen talk about the skunk.

And then Tuesday, we had this rabbit in our backyard! When the rabbit finally ran off - Jaxen cried. He was sad and wanted to touch it. I explained that the rabbit had to go back home (in the woods) and that it was a ‘wild’ rabbit and so it probably wouldn’t ever let Jaxen touch him. 

Also in our back yard is this: Jaxen’s Sunflowers…they are growing!
(this is from the little pot he made at Home Depot -
I transferred them to the ground, and planted more in his pot)

And these are our gorgeous flowers that are blooming out front!

Jaxen loves jumping in puddles. 
And we have had a lot of puddles lately for him to jump in!

So…Memorial Day Parade. Friday before Memorial Day the Elementary school was supposed to have a big ceremony for Veterans and then have a parade outside and through the town. Well…it was raining that morning. So - I went to his school anyway (only because I promised him I would wave to him in the parade). And by the way - he was soooo excited to walk in a parade! Bummer, that the “parade" was inside the school. Everyone in the school took one lap and that was it. Then everyone headed into the gym for the ceremony and I head out! Haha! That gym was packed and I did not promise him to be at the ceremony. Zane and I got out of there quick :) But I did get a few cute pics...

The beginning…
they had people who had served in the military (and the kid they were related to) walk first.

After most the of other grades came through, Jaxen’s class finally made it!
Look how adorable they all looked!!!

Jaxen is behind the kid holding the sign, on the far right.

He actually told me he did not need to wear a shirt that day, because they had made shirts in school. It took a lot of talking for me to convince him that he had to wear a shirt to school. Haha!

And later that night (Nik was headed out of town) he helped me make pizza casserole. He used (real) scissors and cut biscuits and pepperoni’s into fours. I was very proud of him!

Sunday (while talking about the skunk the whole time) I got some pics of the boys!
They were dressed in red, white and blue (yes, I did laundry - Jaxen is in the same outfit from Friday - see pic above). They are not great…but I just love the red, white and blue agains the green grass!

Zane is so not into taking pictures!

And a Sunday Selfie!

One last thing…
Have you been at Hobby Lobby lately?
I went in this week and saw all of this adorable dinosaur stuff.
I want it all for Zane’s room! So cute!

That is all.
Long post. Again.
I guess I need to blog more so the posts are not so long!

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