Monday, February 20, 2017

Nik and Zane

Zane really loves his daddy.
And his daddy really loves him :)

Zane is at the age now where he “plays” and Nik and him have the best time!

The one thing…is that Zane always goes for the beard. Haha!

So this next picture is a bit funny…
We were trying a jacket on Zane and he looked so cute, I left in on him for awhile.
Then all of a sudden, a nerf gun war broke out between Nik and Jaxen
and of course, Zane had to be in the middle of it.

Zane may be a bit of a momma’s boy, but he sure loves to do whatever Jaxen and his Daddy does!

This is Jaxen’s cap on Zane…
but I’m gonna have to get Zane one of his own pretty soon so he can match.

I posted this photo on social media the other night,
it was just too cute not too!

I love the relationship our boys have with their daddy!

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