Monday, February 13, 2017


Friday I woke up at 5am with a phone call from the school that school was cancelled for the day, due to a big snow storm that came in. Normally, I don’t mind a snow day…however, I was not thrilled about this one! Jaxen had already been out of school for 2 days and he was upset when I told him he had to miss another day :(

I think we got about 16-18 inches! That was the most we have had at one point, so far. I got out there and shoveled the entrances and walkways and then Nik finished clearing the rest with the snowblower. He is covered head-to-toe and I thought this picture was so funny!

Friday the boys did well playing together. I had things to do…but opted to stay in, warm, and out of the snow. So we just hung out all day. Jaxen was playing beek-a-boo with Zane in the pic below.

Nik had to work a good part of the day on Saturday, so again…we laid low at the house. Zane woke up with a croupy-cough and I wasn’t sure what direction it would take (no fever, just cough - I’m keeping an eye on him). And I tried to get a good picture of his two top teeth…. The pics are not great…but at least you can see his new teeth!

This weekend Zane discovered his love for the guitar :) He enjoyed playing (banging) on it all weekend!

This boy is a bit of a mess! Here he is, eating dinner (crackers, green beans and peaches). Notice it’s all over his face (and in his hair)!

Sunday morning started off a bit rough. But I pushed through and dressed my kiddos in cute Valentines clothes and took some pictures! Then I poured myself a Mt. Dew and we headed to church! 

While at church, Zane did a great job of entertaining himself in this little room during service. He was so happy (and a bit loud) but no one cared. It was nice to sit through most of the service!

After church we all laid down for some naps and had a great rest of the day!

And today is Monday…I have lots to do…beginning with heading to the store to figure out Valentines. I am way behind….hopefully the stores will have what I’m looking for. 

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