Thursday, February 9, 2017

Life Highlights

I’m back! Don’t give up on me…sometimes it just takes me awhile to find the time to sit down and blog. But I still love to blog - so as long as people still enjoying reading, I will keep on blogging :)

Here are some of our life highlights here lately...

First up - Zane has 2 new top teeth! The first one popped through last week (finally) and the second was not far behind. He is a much happier baby with these teeth now through.

Zane loves to eat! I think I mentioned that in the last post, and since then he has tried (and loved) so many more foods. The new one we tried this week is shredded cheese. And then my sister gave him a pickle today and he loved it. 

chowing down on some green beans

and toast
he loves toast and bananas for breakfast

Jaxen and Zane love to play (race) with Zane’s walkers. They have so much fun playing together and it makes this momma heart happy!

So last Friday my sister came to visit us! Jaxen had a day off from school and so the whole family loaded up in the car for a road trip to get her from Pennsylvania. Jaxen kept insisting he was not tired and didn’t need a nap - pretty much as he was saying that…he fell asleep. haha!

After we picked Jessica up we found a Chick-fil-a and Zane loved the fries :)

Over the weekend I laid down with Jaxen as he napped and this was my view… those eyelashes!

We had a great time watching the super bowl and eating! My sister is a big football fan and we had a few people over for the perfect football-gathering. What a fun night! Zane enjoyed it as well.

We were asked by the school to take a picture of Jaxen with his favorite book. This is definitely it at the moment. Such a fun book for our family to read (and tickle each other) together.

I did not take a ton of pictures while my sister was here. But it was the best highlight of our past week! We loved having her here. When I asked what she wanted to do while here, she replied “just hang out and do what you do.” So that is what we did. She just hung out and lived life with us and it was so much fun. Oh, and we threw some cards in the mix - which makes any day way better - in my mind!


family selfie (minus Jaxen)

This afternoon I said goodbye to my sister and dropped her off at the airport. We had a great visit!

And that’s life lately. Well, the highlights anyway. The past two days Jaxen has been home with an ear infection and possible strep. He is on meds and has been fever free for 24 hours. So he should be headed back to school tomorrow. However, as I type this, a big snow storm is happening. And if we have a snow day my little boy (and honestly, probably me as well) will be heart-broken! He hates missing school and wants to be there so bad. 

Other than that - we are all well. Nik is a bit tired and stressed…but that’s just normal for this time of year for him. I’m hoping to get in a date night soon to spend some one-on-one time (sans kids, our house and technology) with my cutie husband!

Hope everyone has a good Friday and weekend…I have to figure out what to do for Valentines Day (for my family and Jaxen’s classmates) - eek… I only have 4 days left!

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