Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hanging out

Our Valentines Day was pretty low-key and chill…just another Tuesday :)

I did get a little gift for Jaxen and Zane and then bought Nik some Dove Dark Chocolate. We grilled steak and had roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli with strawberries and Nutella for dessert. Pretty yummy!

And I finally figured out what to do for valentines for Jaxen’s class…I bought gummy bracelets and wrote the kids names on them myself. I had grand plans of making something really cute (with Jaxen’s help) and letting him write names…but I procrastinated just enough (which is not normally like me) that I didn’t have the time. And when I went to the store…I barely got what I got because Easter stuff was already being put out! So - store valentines is what was had - and it was great :)

I thought this scene yesterday was so cute, of Zane and Nik just hanging out on the couch!

I think he loves his daddy! 

And in case you noticed his left eye looking a little odd - here is a close up.

Poor boy was playing and dropped a wooden box on his eye. 

After dinner, it was bath time for the boys and then we all ended up hanging out in Jaxen’s room. These boys had the best time wrestling with their daddy and running around like some crazies :)

These next pictures pretty much sum up their night!

Haha! So much fun, just hanging out with my family!

Someone was ready for bed!
And I don’t think it was the littles :)

Notice the magnets on Jaxen’s curtains?
He "made" that for me the other day.
Super-proud of himself!
And the shiny thing in the middle of the curtains? 
That’s his ‘wings’ pin from when he flew.

Whatever makes him happy!

Happy Wednesday - hope everyone has a great day!

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