Thursday, December 15, 2016

Three Things Right Now

This week we have dealt with a little bit of snow.
I don’t mind…I like the ‘seasons’ and so it’s nice to have some real winter.
They say more is coming today!

Jaxen likes to help too. He gets the small broom and dust pan and helps me clear the porches.

Monday morning we were all out there working (minus Zane)!

After school, Jaxen still wanted to clear more snow - 
so we put him to work on our back deck.
Basically, he played a lot - but he had a great time doing it!

Last night at bedtime, he told me he wanted to have a snowball fight after school.
I may send Nik to pick him up - haha!

And look at how the snow melted/froze off of this building at our church.
The curve of that is pretty cool, huh?!

My front porch trees look really pretty covered in snow!

Do you see a Jaxen?!

Zane ate something that did not agree with him on Sunday night.
And he spent two hours in my lap (wrapped in a towel) throwing up.
It was really sad, that he threw up so much and felt bad…
but he was really cute, so I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures!

Poor boy.
This has happened a few times before.
We are trying to figure out if he has an allergy to something (nothing in common yet)
or if he just has a sensitive tummy and some foods he is just not yet ready for.

After about 2 hours, he nursed really well, went to bed and had no other issues.

Tuesday night we hosted our Church Board Christmas Party!
This party takes place (instead of the usual monthly meeting).
We invite the spouses (and kids).
I served all the adults Salad / Green Beans / Roast with Potatoes and Carrots / Rolls and Dessert.
We had a wonderful meal and a great time together!
It is so fun to get together with these leaders in our church and thank them for all they do.
We also gave them a little gift…a homemade ornament (that a friend made) 
with our church name on it - and then I attached them to a little tree.
Their gift was also our centerpieces!

For the kids - I had pizza delivered, a Christmas movie ready and…
Sugar Cookie decorating!
I asked a lady to help with the kids and she did a wonderful job!
This was the cookie station all setup - minus the cookies and icing.

I got complimented on all my ‘topping choices’ plus 4 colors of icing :)
And now…I have lots of topping and icing left over.
Time for some baking, I guess - haha!

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