Friday, December 16, 2016

Life Lately

This boys smile and two little teeth are just so precious!

This was 2 Sundays ago…I think.
They were both in argyle and looked so cute!

Zane loves following Jaxen around everywhere…wanting to touch everything!
Jaxen is mostly patient with Zane.

A typical after school afternoon.

This is Nik’s new Christmas sweater.
It lights up!
This was a good day - friends, Target, Starbucks, cold weather and a yummy dinner!

Precious snuggle time with Zane.

I let Jaxen paint ornaments one day.

I love baby corduroys!

Seriously. These pants are so cute on Zane!

Jaxen wanted his mattress on his floor the other night.
So I took his bed out of his room and he thought it was so fun to sleep on the “floor"!

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