Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Home Tour

Every year, I post a Christmas Home Tour…
basically I show you how I decorate for Christmas.

And this year, I was not going to do one…
but then my sister told me she was looking forward to it.

Hence, this post :)

So come back another day if you don’t care where my tree or Nativity goes - haha!

First, our Christmas Tree:
We have a very nice 9 foot tree, that I love.
But we have 8 ft 4 inch ceilings.
It didn’t fit!
Nik tried and tried.

So we found our very first little Christmas tree and made it do.
And actually, although I miss our big tree - I love this little one!

Jaxen had the best time helping me decorate it.
I had to rearrange a bit (after I found 4 balls on one limb - haha)!

And the finished product!
Most of our ornaments didn’t fit on this tree, 
so I kept it simple with just red, silver and gold balls.

Next to our tree I decided to hang our stockings.
We don’t have a mantel here, like we did in Watertown, so the wall it is!

I have a cinnamon candle under my candle warmer, 
Christmas books in the basket and my snowmen setting out on our trunk.

On the top of our other shelf, I put my 3 Christmas Village pieces.
I don’t collect villages like some do, I just happen to have 3…
not even matching…but I think they are cute!

In our front foyer, I have garland, a “Merry Christmas” sign,
a jar with balls in it and a snow picture of Nik and I - from back in the day!

Our front door has 2 trees, garland and a wreath.

And our kitchen door has a very simple wreath on it.

Inside our kitchen, I have a red/white table runner that I love, with a tree on it.

And above the stove I have a few decorations.

I love using Christmas cups this time of year, so I have a few set out
along with a fake candle and a snowman cookie jar (that holds our Keurig coffee).

And lastly, the living room.
Our bookcase...

(and after looking at the above pic…I need to find a cute little pillow for the rocker!)

A cute train set, some garland...

my Nativity...

and some fun Christmas pictures!

Oh, and I changed out the pictures on this sign in our living room as well.
I love having pictures out from past Christmas’ - good memories!

Well, that’s most of our Christmas decorations. 
I have a few more things on the wall, and what not…
Oh, and I have a wall dedicated to our Christmas cards.
I’ll post that after I get a few more up.
I currently have 2 so far.
Hint, hint :)

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