Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Here is what you need to know about Jaxen right now…

He is 4.5 years old. But he wishes so bad to be 5! That is his favorite number…and asks all the time when his birthday is. He is really into birthdays these days. I think because when kids at school have a birthday they sing and eat cupcakes.

Some funny things that Jaxen has been saying…
“I know. I know everything mom.” When I ask him if he knows something.
"Oh my stocking!” He says in response to everything.
"I'll do that when I'm a mommy and daddy.” His reply to something I asked him to do.
“You keep an eye on Zane.” Anytime he leaves the room that Zane is in.
“I’m done talking today.” When he is tired of answering questions about school.

And he has also picked up some not so good sayings… that we are working on!

Jaxen still loves school and is doing very well. In fact, most evenings (afternoons or mornings) he is teaching “his kids”. And often times we have to be at a “level 0” when he is teaching so everyone can hear. One really funny thing that happened at the airport last time we were there is when the announcements came on over the speaker system he was telling everyone “level 0 everyone! You have to be at level 0 to hear!”

When Jaxen grows up he wants to be a cop. And then a construction worker “after I am a cop.” That is what he told me the other night!

Crafts made at school...

Every morning, Jaxen wants to help me fix his lunch and everyday after school he wants to help with chores. Not all chores…but he likes to help with dishes and trash the most. I asked him to help with laundry and he replied with “I will do laundry when I am older.” He also loves to help me put away groceries, cook dinner and bake cookies.

One afternoon I picked Jaxen up from school and fresh snow had fallen. He wanted to play in it and walk through it. Well, he was excited and kicked his boot off, on accident. He picked his boot up and carried it in his hand to me (while walking in the snow with just his sock on!) so I could help put the boot back on. Crazy kid.

Jaxen loves for Zane to play in the bath with him. He loves to help rinse him off after I bathe him. He also offers to help feed Zane. Not all the time - but sometimes. He has gotten in a bad habit of yelling at Zane anytime Zane does anything… “no no Zamer. You listen or you go to time out!”

Which reminds me - Jaxen calls Zane, Zame. I think it is so cute and I just can’t correct him!

One of the ladies that works in the school office called Jaxen ‘handsome’ one morning - his reply “I’m not handsome - I’m Jaxen Davis!” 

Today after school, I let Jaxen wrap his gifts to Zane and Nik for Christmas. He did a great job and even wrote their names on them...

I love this boy of mine so much. I feel like we have had a super hard year with him and some days are just so frustrating…but no matter what - he still brings so much joy and laughter to my heart! 

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