Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Eve Eve

Is Christmas Eve Eve a real thing? 
Well, I say it is! 
We started off our Christmas weekend with a bang…
Tonight we had a “Cookie & Cocoa Open House”!

It was so much fun to have people in our home, just visiting and hanging out!
I had a great time baking this week…but we do have leftovers…!

The party ended a little after 9pm when Jaxen threw up in the kitchen.
Poor boy. He has been complaining about his tummy hurting…
So after throwing up twice - he is finally in bed and asleep.
I hope it is just exhaustion, excitement and sugar - and hope he wakes up feeling better.

Before that and before the party - 
my two favorite things of the day were…

cuddling my sweet baby.
He fell asleep on me and I never laid him in his crib.
I’m so glad Nik captured this picture!

 looking at all the fun crafts Jaxen brought home from school!

Pretty cute, right?!

And…look at my Christmas Card wall :)
One of my favorite things this time of year!

Here is a few more snow pictures for your enjoyment -

a friend took this photo - and I thought it was so pretty!

On my way to get Jaxen from school yesterday…it was cold!

Jaxen likes to throw snowballs everyday after school.

Well, this post is a bit of a hodgepodge…
I guess I had lots of things to share!

The Christmas weekend is off to a great start (even with a sick one)...
and I’m really excited for the next few days!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

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