Monday, November 21, 2016

The First Snow

Winter came…and it came with a vengeance!

It started snowing Sunday morning and will probably continue until sometime early tomorrow morning. I’m not sure how much snow we got…but it was quite a bit. The snow itself isn’t so bad. It’s the raging, fierce winds that have come with it. These winds are terrible! So it just blows the snow sideways and makes it feel way colder than it should be!

At 5:30am my phone rang with an announcement that school was cancelled for the day. And guess what? We all slept until 8am - I couldn’t even believe it!

Once we got up - the first order of the morning was to start cleaning up all the snow! Here is a picture of Nik starting the snow blower…but really, this pic is meant for you to see the snow drifts at the garage door.

And below is a picture of Nik starting the snowblower. We were not super prepared for winter. I thought we were…but when we went to get shovels, we had none. The parsonage in Watertown had a few shovels in the garage when we moved in - so we never bought any. So - when we moved…we had none, and forgot. We also threw out our car scrapers (they were well used), which we also forgot.

So - Nik used the snowblower so we could get our vehicle out and Jaxen and I tried to sweep our porches off - but the snow was too much for just the broom. 

After just a few minutes of being outside - Jaxen was ready to come in. He was so excited about the snow (and building a snowman…he even asked if I had carrots) but that wind just made it too cold for him!

After awhile I loaded Zane up and we made our way to the Syracuse area (driving between 30-40 miles an hour, because the road conditions were not great, and the snow was falling pretty heavy). I had an appointment that I really did not want to miss, plus we needed groceries in a bad way, and we needed a snow shovel and car scrapers :)

We made it there and back safely (4 hours later). And for dinner I made chili and homemade cornbread in a cast iron skillet. The chili was fantastic…but the cornbread was the star! Yum! It was the perfect supper to ring in winter with our first snow!

And I just have to share this next picture…it made me laugh!

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  1. Holy snow!!! We have not gotten any yet here which is weird. I am not looking forward to it. It is cold here though. I sure do miss TX weather thats for sure.