Monday, November 28, 2016

Hello Monday.

Good morning! It’s Monday. I love Mondays. I particularly like this Monday….after the crazy of last week (snow days, no school, Thanksgiving) I feel like I need a good Monday to get my brain and body back to normal - haha!

We had a great few days, though. Very relaxing, yet I seemed to get a lot done that needed doing. And good thing. December is not a super busy month, but what we do have - requires a lot from us if that makes sense. But December is going to be great and I’m ready for it! 

Up first, for your Monday….

Those legs. I love the chubby!
I purchased 6 month pajamas (not sure what I was thinking)
but now have to return them for 9 month ones - he is growing!

Here he is, coming to attack me and the camera!

Friday night, Jaxen had to blow-dry his and Zane’s hair
while we were getting ready for our Hanging of the Green Service.

Sneak Peak at Zane’s Christmas Jammies!
(I’m trying to not post “Christmas” stuff until Dec. 1…for my sister…haha!)
But I can no longer put dishes in the dishwasher with this guy around.
He pulls everything out and makes my job really hard now!

Good thing he naps so I can get a few things done!

We have had 2 very rough nights with him.
Last night - he was up (and crying) until 1:30am.
Not sure what the deal is…I’m sure it’s a phase, but I finally felt caught up on sleep!
Oh well. Life goes on. Tired.

And the best for last…

My cute littles on Sunday before church.
Love these boys so very much.

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  1. He looks scared in that picture with his brother, lol. Very cute boys!