Wednesday, November 16, 2016


We are home from our trip! And I have to say…our trip back home was a lot less frustrating than our  trip going. And I thank the Lord for that! We did not sleep long (or well) the night before we headed back home. It was late when we got to bed, Zane woke up 2 different times to nurse, and even Jaxen was super restless and kept waking up. So, needless to say…I expected the day to be pretty bad. But it wasn’t! Jaxen took a little nap on our first flight and he did so well the rest of the day. Zane was only really fussy at one period and pretty much slept or nursed our entire last flight.

We were home by 9pm last night. 

Thankfully, Zane went to bed at 10:30pm (woke up twice the next two hours) but then slept almost 7 hours! I’m so thankful for that. Currently he is napping as I throw together this blog post and Nik balances our checkbook.

Jaxen slept in as well. And we let him sleep until he woke up, and then we took him to school late. I’m hoping for a restful evening for the boys and I (Nik has a meeting) as we catch up on some rest and get back into the swing of things. 

And now the fun begins…jumping back into our routine and hitting the ground running with lots of stuff going on at the church. Plus, did you know that Thanksgiving is next week?! What?! Yea, I’m a bit behind.

A few pics from our day...

Sitting in the airport, waiting for our first flight.

This guy was pretty happy!

Zane wanted to play so bad on the plane,
so I finally sat him down on the floor and he played away!

We had a 4 hour layover and while Zane was napping, I laid him on the ground.
He was sleeping so great…until a door slammed by his head and an alarm started going off.
He then woke up, and was not happy about it!

Nik and I were trying to take a selfie and got photo bombed by Jaxen.

So then we took a picture all together.

And Jaxen asked if we could do silly faces.

The view on our last flight was pretty awesome!

So - that was our trip home!

My goals now: shower, laundry and grocery shop.

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