Thursday, November 10, 2016

My Man

I have a pretty great man! 

Wednesday, we celebrated 14 years of marriage 
and I could not imagine another by my side.

Especially after our day on Tuesday!
We traveled down south to see Nik’s family and we had a pretty rough day.

We were loaded up and in the car by 8:15am
excited as can be (well, Jaxen) about 3 airplane rides!

We got to the airport earlier than we really needed to be there
so we took our time checking in and going through security. 

We ended up taking one suitcase as a carry-on (instead of checking it)
and when we went through security they pulled out about $15 dollars of 
stuff that we were not allowed to carry-on 
(I thought we were checking the bag, so I didn’t think through that).

That was the first bummer of the day!

Traveling on 3 planes with 2 kids is a lot of work...
and requires lots of stuff (3 suitcases, 2 car seats and 3 backpacks)!

The second bummer of the day came after we had waited about 2 hours for our first flight,
only to hear that the plane had to turn around and land at it’s original location, 
because of mechanical issues. They did not know when it would arrive.

The third bummer was when we received confirmation the plane would be a few hours
later than first planned and we had to change all our other flights.

The boys did great in the airport.
Zane crawled all around and Jaxen had some new toys to play with!

We ate lunch and waited some more.

We finally boarded our first plane and our day was rushed from that moment on!
Zane did pretty well on the flights. 
We had one where he was pretty restless and I had to stand in the (small) aisles 
to get him calmed down and asleep.

Jaxen did okay - he loves to fly…but with all the delays 
we missed our prime opportunity for him to nap. 

So the fourth bummer was a tired 4-year old who needed (but did not get) a nap!

And the fifth bummer was that we typically have time to let Jaxen
play on the airport play areas…and we had no time for that - 
because of rushing to catch our flights. 
So we had a tired boy, who needed to run off some energy, 
but couldn’t (and the worst part - was that we had to walk by two of the play areas)!

We finally landed about an hour away from our destination 
(and a couple hours after our original plan)
to our sixth bummer of the night: lost luggage (car seats included)!

We got it all worked out - just a rough day.

All that to say…

My man is pretty great and I’m thankful for him.

Want to know how we spent our anniversary?!
We booked a hotel room (the grandparents kept the boys)
and we ate pizza and wings on our hotel bed, watching TV with NO kid interruptions!

It was pretty great!

And after 14 years of marriage, I don’t need the fancy…
I just need someone by my side, to be real with me, and keep me smiling through the crazy :) 

Happy Anniversary to my cutie husband.
I love you very much!


  1. Wow! I really felt your frustration. I love you guys and always remember making your t-shirts for the wedding. I can't believe it has been 14 years! Happy Anniversary. I love you guys! (p.s. I would do pizza and wings in a hotel over fancy any day of the week!)

    1. I forgot about those shirts....they were great! And yes...we don't need fancy! Lol.

  2. Happy Late Anniversary, sure do miss you guys and volleyball!