Friday, November 25, 2016

Our Thanksgiving Day + Random Pics

We were invited to spend Thanksgiving with some friends from our church, and we had a very nice day! All I was in charge of, was mashed potatoes. And I decided the day prior to also make deviled eggs. My husband thinks every holiday should have deviled eggs. So - my Thanksgiving food prep was easy peasy!

Because I knew the day was going to be low-key and easy, I decided to make our favorite Blueberry Coffee Cake for breakfast. Yummy!

We enjoyed some coffee cake while watching the parade. Jaxen really enjoyed the parade this year, it was fun to see him get so excited to see all the characters he knew!

I made us take a Thanksgiving Selfie before we headed out to lunch.

We headed out about 11:30 and got back home around 4:30. We enjoyed some really yummy food and great company! I say this every year…but I am thankful for friends who include us in their family when we cannot be with our own family. 

Our night was spent relaxing…watching football, eating some leftovers we got sent home with, playing with the boys and I even had a bit earlier bedtime!

Now…here is lots of random for you… I apparently haven’t blogged in awhile!

Anyone else feeling this right now?!

A good picture of Zane’s first tooth! 
Man, he is growing up :(

I made a new cookie last week…Andes Mint Cookies.
I don’t like mint, but everyone else said they were delicious!

My two boys before church last Sunday!

Jaxen loves to enterain Zane while he is in the bath and 
Zane thinks Jaxen is the funniest ever!

After Jaxen goes to bed, we always have a few hours of just Zane!

I love this picture of Nik and Zane.

One more example of how we were not fully ready for winter…
This summer we bought Jaxen some new snow boots on clearance.
And put them them away and didn’t look at them again, until this week.
Well, guess what?
They are two different sizes and they are both right feet! Seriously?!
We cannot return them either. Store was closing.
Jaxen is wearing them, anyways. 
Because anytime I suggest he wear his other snow boots he throws a fit.
Not the battle I’m going to fight. He can wear two right boots and one too small if he wants!

That’s all for today! Have a happy Friday!

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  1. Deviled Eggs are my husbands favorite for everything. I hate making them though as I can never get them peeled right. How do you do it? Cute family picture. Miss you guys. Boys are getting so big. Riley thinks his big brother is hilarious too. He never stops staring at him and laughing when he's around. Its cute!