Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekend Recap

A little back story...

Last Wednesday we told Jaxen that after school on Friday, mommy and daddy and Zane would be going out of town…and that he would get to have fun with his friends this weekend! We explained who would pick him up from school, where he would be Friday night and then who would get him Saturday and where he would sleep and that we would see him on Sunday morning. You would have thought we told this kid he would get to hang with Chase and the Paw Patrol Crew all weekend…he was so excited!!!

We talked about a lot of things… being nice and kind, being a good friend, what to do if he gets upset or mad… and I was shocked (in a good way) on how much he understood and how ‘grown up’ our conversation was.

Even Thursday morning, Jaxen wanted to go over the plan again (that’s my kid)!

So Thursday when Jaxen got home from school, he found his suitcase downstairs, that I had almost all packed. From that moment, for about the next 40 minutes - he hauled that suitcase everywhere he went, talking about his weekend, singing and packing and repacking his toys in the top two zipper pockets. It was really so cute, how excited he was!

Friday morning his suitcase was packed and he was ready for school!
It was pajama day (again) so that is why he is in pajamas.
We said goodbye, and Nik dropped him (and his suitcase) off at the school.

So Jaxen’s weekend consisted of lots of fun!
He played with his friends, Teagan and Mason on Friday and Saturday.

Then Saturday Eric and Rebecca got him and took him to Build A Bear.
Guess what they had there?
So he got to build Chase and loved it!

The rest of Saturday was spent playing Nerf Guns and Legos.
One happy boy!

Our weekend looked a bit different!
We took off Friday afternoon to attend our District Minister’s Retreat.

After getting settled in our room, we let Zane have a little free time
and he loved playing on the bed!

We had a great weekend getting to know other ministers on the district,
attending services and resting!

Zane was a busy-body, but a cute one!

During one of the sessions, Zane needed a nap,
so I put him in his stroller and put my shirt around his head (to muffle sound)
and he fell right asleep and took a great nap!

He also had fun crawling around everywhere!
I basically pushed the stroller around and he just followed it. 

He did really well through the weekend and I’m glad we had the little bit of time away.

We arrived home Sunday, just in time for church.
And after…we all napped!

I have a busy day of unpacking, laundry and repacking…
we are headed out of town again tomorrow :)

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