Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Move - Wolcott, NY

We made it!

Thursday, Nik and I had a pretty rough night sleeping. Between the two boys in the room with us and trying to share an air mattress (I slept on the floor part of the night) - it was hard to get good sleep. But we managed a few hours. I was up at 4:30am, feeding Zane on Friday and once he was fed and back asleep I decided to start my day and get to work.

I swept and mopped the entire downstairs before the boys woke up. Once Nik was up, we ate some breakfast and starting loading the rest of our belongings into our two vehicles. It seemed to take us forever to actually get out of the house that morning (between loading, cleaning, taking trash to the dumpster, returning an air mattress, taking showers, cleaning again, and getting everyone ready), but again, we managed!

In Jaxens words..."goodbye white house"!

By 10am, Nik and Jaxen were on the road with the Uhaul, pulling our car behind it. I knew I needed to nurse Zane one more time before driving away - so I sent them on ahead. Once Zane had a full belly and was happy, we hit the road as well.

This is the house we brought Zane to. 
His first home. 

We showed up in Wolcott, to our new house, around 12pm. We had been to the house previously and picked out which rooms would be everyone’s bedrooms. One of the things our new church family did, was decorate Jaxen’s room for his birthday! Not only was it decorated, some people in the church had purchased gifts for Jaxen and one of the men even made him a fort out of a box!

He was thrilled! He had a fun fort to play in, new toys to open, cards to read and was just an excited little boy - having fun celebrating his birthday! The people from church wanted to make sure Jaxen felt loved and wanted to make this transition the best they could for him. And seriously…that one act of thoughtfulness, love and kindness spoke volumes to Nik and I. For them to put thought into an almost 4-year-old kid that they hardly knew…just made our hearts happy :)

After the “birthday celebration” Nik started unpacking cars and setting the Uhaul up to be unloaded. I took the boys and we grabbed lunch to bring back to the house. As we were eating, a few people showed up to help us unload.

Nik took this picture to show the guys who helped load... Nothing budged! 

Jaxen and Zane were both there during the unloading and although Jaxen was a handful at times - I decided it was probably good for him to be there. I think he understands that we have moved and have a new house and I think seeing all our stuff come off the truck and get put into our new house helped his understanding even more. Thankfully, Zane napped well during the unloading process and when he was not napping, I put him outside in his bouncy seat and anyone who was taking a break from unloading took a minute to entertain him!

Jaxen helped some, played some and eventually I had enough of his stuff in his room that I think it felt comfortable and when I told him it was nap time - he did not hesitate. He laid in his bed, played awhile and then took a great nap! When he finally woke up, we were nearing the end of unloading!

The helpers we had were great (and fun too) but around 4pm all that was left was the heavy furniture. So Nik and another guy (named Nick) began to carry all the real heavy stuff (mostly upstairs). At one point - I looked at Nik and got a little worried. He was beat. I knew his wrists and knees were hurting and with the little sleep we have been getting - he was just wiped out. He was able to power through and finish, but was super exhausted after everything was unloaded and the truck was returned!

That evening - we ate sandwiches, put Jaxen in the bath and then did the smallest amount possible to make it through the night and morning (made beds, found clothes and unpacked towels and toiletries). Although it was a late night, we were able to sleep in our bed and slept well!

The next morning we packed some bags (which was interesting to pack for a 3 day trip the day after you move!) and headed out of town to celebrate our first-born, who turned four!

More on that in another post...

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