Sunday, June 5, 2016

Nearing the End

We are nearing the end of our life in Watertown, NY. 

Nearing the end does not only mean: packing, cleaning, closing out stuff…etc…
but for us, it also means last gatherings with people who have become great friends!

And that is what we have done this week :)

Jaxen had the best couple of hours early this week with the Eisses.
He will miss them, their land, their iPads and seeing their lego collection!

We will miss the whole Matteson family…
but Jaxen will especially miss his bestie, Leah. 
I’m glad they got the chance to hang out this week (for hours) playing in the sprinkler!

We finished up Speech Therapy with Mrs. Pat.
Not only did she help improve my son's speech - she was also so sweet with Jaxen. 
He loves her, and I think the feeling is mutual.
We will miss her!

Wednesday, Nik and I got the chance to walk through the Farmers Market one last time.
I spent many Wednesday mornings here the past two years.
For our last time, we picked up Asparagus and Kettle Corn!
Random…but both so yummy :)

We had our last “Coffee Break” of the year this week as well.
It has been a sweet time of friendship with these ladies (and some not pictured).
We have laughed, shared, studied scripture and prayed together.
And I am thankful for this group!

Although Jaxen will still attend school 3 days next week,
I snapped these shots of his “last day”.
Because we are nearing the end…and who knows if I would remember next week!

We also had the chance to have a wonderful breakfast at Tin Pan in Sacketts 
with the current staff at Life Church.
(Terri, Pastor Bob, Pastor Grace, Zane, Nik and I)

Nearing the end also includes check-ups!

Friday I had the privilege of introducing my favorite drink stop
to one of my favorite people here!
Kristen had never been to Sonic…what?!?!
That is now remedied!
And she may have found a new obsession: Vanilla Coke.
You’re welcome :)

Nik and Jaxen celebrated National Donut Day this week!

And we attended the annual Dairy Parade.
Complete with all the components of a good parade:
Bands, Firetrucks, Candy, free Cheese, free ice cream and…a cow.

Leah and Jaxen

The whole crew!

And lastly, we had a great gathering of friends last night to wrap up our time here.

Leah, Clay and Jaxen

A few of the men - grilling the yummy chicken!

Sadie, Leah and Jaxen

Sage, Louka, Kendall and Trinity
(not pictured: Clay, Bristol and Zane)

A family (minus Zane) shot in front of the lake.

Curt was so nice and took everyone out on his boat!

Jaxen and I, getting ready for the boat ride!

The kiddos...

Looka and Jaxen

Leah and Jaxen

It was a beautiful night and we had a great boat ride!

After the boat…it was time to swim!

We stayed out way past bedtime.
But it was a beautiful night, with great friends!

Jaxen was wiped out!
Not only from our late night - but from our past few weeks.

We are nearing the end.
It was a great week - but the reality of leaving is setting in.
And honestly - we are sad.
It’s hard to move to a new place, and invest your lives with people, only to move again.
But we are.
And it will be okay. 
There will always be people - and we are looking forward to new people.

We have a busy week ahead…
T-5 days until we move!

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