Thursday, June 16, 2016

Family Getaway!

This past weekend we took some time “off”.
Meaning - no packing or unpacking, or cleaning, or making major life decisions
and even very little phone/computer time!

We thought this time would be good for us to spend as a family (uninterrupted),
give Nik and I a little break before Nik starting his new position,
and be a fun way to celebrate Jaxen’s birthday!

Here are some highlights from our time away…

It rained a lot on Saturday so we stayed indoors.
Jaxen had his favorite for lunch (pizza) and then rode the carousel
at the mall in Syracuse.

We also went bike shopping!
It took us three different stores to find a bike for his birthday.
This was store number two.

And finally, at store number three - we found one!

He rode it all over the store (thankfully, the store was not busy)...

and even rode it out to the car!

Although we were out and about a lot,
we took some time to rest!

And this little cutie just tagged right along :)

Jaxen and Nik also had a little pool time!

This one napped!

Sunday, Jaxen got an ice cream Sundae for his birthday and got to play a few games in an arcade!

The whole purpose for going to the Syracuse area was for the Air Show!
We thought Jaxen would love it and that’s how we wanted to celebrate his day.

He did not care so much for the planes flying…but he had the best time seeing 
and getting to crawl in the airplanes and helicopters!

It was super windy and really, pretty cold at times.
And I didn’t pack jackets. So we did the best we could.
We moved around a lot and blocked the wind by getting in all the airplanes!

We bought him a little souvenir airplane and it didn’t leave his hand
the rest of the day!

We had a great time at the air show! 

One thing I will never forget…
Jaxen was complaining about his tummy hurting (which he never does)
and I was getting a bit worried. 
I wondered if he just needed to go poo poo - but he kept saying he didn’t.

Then all of a sudden he said “I need to go poo poo quickly”.
We could see the port-a-potties, but we were pretty far away still.

After one more time of Jaxen saying he needed to go poo poo quickly
and looking a little miserable -
Nik picked him up and ran to the port-a-potties.

As I watched (and walked with the stroller) I fell more in love with Nik.
That sounds funny. But seriously.
He is the kind of dad that will pick up an almost 40 pound 4 year old 
and run him across a field and parking lot so he can go poo poo.
Not all men would do that.
So - I love him even more, for the way he loves our boys! 

We had a great weekend!
And although we had some frustrating times and were still very tired after it…

I mean…we had a 2 month old and a 4 year old.
Getaways are not what the used to be! Haha!

I think everyone enjoyed the time away!

We are glad to be “home” now and are settling in pretty well!

More on that later...

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