Thursday, June 30, 2016

Life Happenings

We have been pretty busy around here lately…having fun!

Last week we were invited to the beach with some new friends
to celebrate the first day of summer break!
Jaxen did not hesitate one bit, getting in the water - and had a blast!
In fact, we stayed for a little over 5 hours, because the kids were having so much fun :)

While Jaxen swam and played his little heart out -
Zane slept. The entire time actually.
Well, he woke once to eat and then went right back to sleep!

 It was so nice for them to invite us.
It’s always a process to make new friends - but so far, so good!
In fact, we had another play date today with a different family and it went well too.

 After the beach, both boys were a sandy, sweaty mess - so I put them in the bath together.
This was a first.
Jaxen loved that Zane was there to “play” with him.
Basically, Jaxen poured water over his belly and made all his bath toys talk to him.
They had a great time and I’m sure there will be many more ‘brother baths’ to come!

 I pretty much cannot get over how cute this boy is!

And this boy is pretty cute too...
even in his tennis shoes (no socks), spiderman undies, ninja turtle pajama top and blowing bubbles!

 Zane loves him some Daddy time!

 Jaxen’s Sunday School class, from Watertown, sent Jaxen a message this week.
“Hi Jaxen”
They are so precious and so thoughtful!

And this past Monday was my birthday!
No comments.
I’m still processing!

On my birthday, we headed back to Watertown.
That evening, Nik needed to be at our old church to help run the Soccer Camp.
(Just the first night of it).
So we made a day out of it.

Which meant, we ran a lot of errands!
We had to close bank accounts, drop off paperwork at the dentist for them to sign,
purchase things (in bulk) at Sam’s, make some returns….

so I asked Tammi if she would watch Jaxen while we ran errands.
She agreed and he had the best time with her and Matthew (and their pool)!

He also got to see his friend, Clay.

All the while…Nik and I got to hang out with this guy while running our errands…

I was trying to get him to smile while taking a selfie with me.

 We eventually got to hang out at Tammi’s too :)
And then we headed to Soccer Camp...

Do you see why Jaxen loves Matthew?! Haha!

After Soccer Camp we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Sonic
with some friends and a very yummy cake that Michelle made for me!!!

My day had all the makings for a great birthday:
a road trip; a nice quiet lunch with Nik (Zane slept); 
a fun time with great friends; good food; and a cake!

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