Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Home Tour - Outside

We have received many questions regarding our new home here in Wolcott. So I thought I would give you a home tour through this blog! And since I still have boxes everywhere inside, I’ll start our tour with the outside... 

Welcome to our new home!

This is the very front.

Off to the right you have one porch...

Then another…

And then another entrance and a single car garage.

These next two pictures show you the whole right side a bit better.

And on around, to the right.

Then on the left side we have some nice trees and landscaping.

As you round the left side of the house you come to our backyard,
with a gigantic tree and our deck.

There is a little sandbox (turtle) to the left of the tree and a swing that hangs from it (behind).
Pretty soon we will hang a swing for Zane on this tree too!

And here is our deck.
Looking out to the backyard.

And looking to the house.

To the left of the deck we have a concrete slab where all of Jaxen’s outside toys are stored.
(Sorry for the major shadows).

Here are pictures of the back of the house and our backyard.

And another tree. They are beautiful now, and will be this fall.
But I’m dreading the amount of leaves that we will have to take care of! Haha!

You may or may not be able to tell, but here are few other things about our house:
We have neighbors on both sides - but they are not super close to us. 
There are no houses behind us, which I love.
Across the street from us, is some kind of business.
We live on a main street in town, so I’m thankful for the big, fenced-in backyard.
We are about 10 minutes from the church.

So this is where we now call home.
We are very thankful for this home that is provided for us!

Stay tuned for more of our home… !

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