Monday, June 20, 2016

Playing Catch-up!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts…we were having trouble with our internet. 
Trouble meaning - not working. 
It is now fixed. So I will blog on!

Here is a small peek into what our lives have looked like 
since returning from our Family Getaway one week ago, today….

Wolcott has a small Farmers Market - so last week, we made sure to hit it up!
We purchased a watermelon and some cookies for Jaxen.
I’ll probably go back - but I hear there is a really big Farmers Market about 30 minutes away,
that we will make sure to try out this summer!

The weather here has been gorgeous (and hot)!
We have been trying to soak up all the sun we can which means some bike rides, walks….

time in the sprinkler...

and lunch/dinner on our deck!

I documented our first lunch (above) and first dinner (below) on our deck.
We have eaten almost every single lunch and dinner outside since we have been here.
Our little table = our best purchase yet :)

Throughout the year, our church participates in a Mobile Food Pantry.
Basically, we help to hand out food to families in our community who are in need of it.
Last Friday we helped and handed food to 120 families (around 500 people).
It was a great way to bond and get to know our church people,
and it was so awesome to meet people from the community
and help in a tangible way!

The food line.

Meeting and praying before starting.

Even Jaxen helped out!
I’m thankful to one of the teens who took him under her wing
and made him her special helper.

Saturday one of the families invited Jaxen over for swimming!

And then I went strawberry picking (a first for me)!
I still have 2 quarts I need to wash, cut and freeze.
But it is prime time for picking and they tasted wonderful!

This past Sunday was Fathers Day and Nik’s first official Sunday.
I tried to take some cute pictures of the boys in their coordinating outfits.
I got a few good ones…

and a whole lot that looked like this…!

I do have to say - it was pretty cool to see this (below) in the bulletin!

After church we were invited to a cook-out with the Leadership Team and their families.
We ate great food, the kids all swam, and we had a great time
getting to know people a bit more!
(no pictures)

And this is a sneak peek of what our house has looked like for the past week…
boxes and more boxes. Everywhere!

When I can cut down on the number of boxes laying around
I will start showing you pictures of our new home.

All in all -
We are happy to be here.
It is taking a while to get settled, and I still feel exhausted and a bit overwhelmed,
but I am seeing the light at the end of this very long transition-tunnel that we have been in!

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