Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Move - Loading

Thursday, June 9, finally rolled around and we started the day bright and early. Well, Zane and Jaxen made us start the day bright and early! Zane was awake at 4:50, and Jaxen, around 5:30am.

Since we were all awake - we decided to get up and start working. And work we did! After Jaxen went to school our first stop of the morning was for a treat... One last Sonic soda and iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts :)

We basically worked all day until about 3:30pm when we decided we were done...until people showed up to help us load, that is.

The whole house was packed and ready to load in the truck…

I really tried to have everything ready (even furniture broken down into pieces) and I even made some “Do Not Move” signs that were placed around the house (for items that needed to be loaded last, or even the next day).

Before people showed up to help load the truck (and while the boys were napping) we took a selfie to document the moment! 

About 4:30pm we began to start pulling stuff out into the lawn to get ready to load while Jaxen played with everything we pulled. Haha! 

Then the loading began, and we didn't stop until a little after 8pm! 

At one point - I was starting to make decisions on what was most important to me to take. I didn’t think everything was going to fit! But my husband is an awesome packer and we got every last item loaded (including both of our vehicles packed full of stuff). 

I had asked a friend to take Jaxen to dinner while we loaded so I did’t have to watch over him every second…but I did still have Zane. Who decided not to nap. I tried to keep him happy by holding him, nursing him, walking with him…and at one point, I asked one of the teen helpers we had to walk him up and down the sidewalk so I could do what I needed to! Trying to help load a truck with a 2 month old was not the easiest thing in the world! Ha ha! Good thing we had some good helpers :)

We had to say goodbye to our friends that night. Jaxen had the chance to play with Clay and I asked if I could take a picture of them. This was the best one...

And this is what all the others looked like! Silly boys. They have a great time together. Jaxen will miss him!

After Clay left, Jaxen sat on the step, pouting. It was cute and sad all together!

Then we had to say bye to Tammi. And that was sad too. She was trying to get Jaxen to laugh in these pictures instead of cry. 

After the truck was loaded and locked and everyone left, we sat down on our empty floor and had some dinner and then we all piled in one room, on one queen air mattress and tried to sleep one more night in our home, before pulling out the next day and heading to Wolcott, NY….

to be continued!

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