Friday, October 10, 2014

Potty Update

To recap…

We are in the Potty-Training-Process. Not rushing anything, and taking it slowly.

With that said - Jaxen has gone pee pee in the potty a total of 4 times. Over the course of almost three weeks. Like I said, slowly! The third time (Wednesday) I decided to put on the underwear that we had been talking about. It went something like this:

I have been asking Jaxen (multiple times each day) if he needed to go potty. This particular time, he started pulling his pants off (in the kitchen) and so we went in the bathroom and he sat on his potty. After a bit, he went pee pee. We cheered, he stuck his hands in it (not so proud momma moment), we flushed, closed the lid, put on our big boy underwear and washed hands.

I decided to let him stay in his underwear a little bit. Every couple of minutes I would ask if he needed to go potty and check to make sure he was still dry. Cue time number 4 of that scenario. Wet undies, wet legs and wet spot on the floor. I knew there would be an accident, but I was secretly hoping we could get at least one more potty time in! 

I then talked to Jaxen and told him we go pee pee in the potty and not in our underwear…blah blah blah. I cleaned him up, put a diaper on him, cleaned up the mess and on we went with our day. 

One more sign that Jaxen is probably not full-on ready for the potty = he could care less that he went pee pee in his underwear. Didn’t phase him a bit! 

So we keep on…

And I’m completely ok with that!

I did capture a few pics of Jaxen in this underwear while he was washing his hands. Because I just could not resist! And I have been cleaning his hiney for over 2 years - so I can!

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  1. That is too cute! Pee Pee in the PottAY! Pee Pee in the PottAY!!!!!