Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Day In Our Life

Do you ever wonder what Jaxen and I do in a day? 
If not, stop reading now! 
This is one long-drawn-out post about a day in the life of Jaxen and I.

I read lots of blogs. And every now and then someone will do this “A Day in the Life” post and I love them. I just think it is so fun seeing what others do during the day (especially with small children). So I thought I would share one of our days with you.

And let me just say…no two days are the same for me. I guess there are general things that happen every day - but hard as I may try (because I like routine) it just does not happen! So I picked one random day to document (a Tuesday). No rhyme or reason.

Enjoy our day!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

7:15 - Nik’s alarm goes off and he hits snooze a few times. I roll out of bed about 7:30 and after a few minutes of waking up I head downstairs to do some laundry. I fold a load, dry a load and put a new load in to wash. After putting all the clothes away upstairs, I get ready for the day. 

8:10 - I am back downstairs and first thing I do is open all the blinds. I love morning sunlight and it helps me feel more awake and energized in the mornings!

The view from our living room.

8:15 - Nik comes downstairs. He drinks a glass of milk and is off to work. I'm thankful I still have a few minutes to myself before Jaxen wakes up…so I get some breakfast (a glass of water, a granola bar and a cup of yogurt). I get my vitamins and sit down at the table for a little quiet time.

This is seriously what my table looks like every morning…
water, breakfast, vitamins, and all my notebooks, books, calendar and pens.
Don’t make fun of me!

8:40 - Since Jaxen is still not awake (he normally wakes up around 8:30), I plan a short road trip for Thursday. After that is done I start prepping for dinner (pinto beans in crock pot) and I got Jaxen’s diaper bag ready to go for the day.

Crock-pot full of beans and my favorite cornbread mix, all ready for dinner!

Jaxen’s Diaper Bag Staples:
diapers, wipes, food (cranberries, granola bar and banana), drinks (juice).

9:06 - Jaxen finally wakes up! I change his diaper, get him dressed, brush his teeth and head out the door to Tot Time. 

He had to have his milk and his juice in his hands this morning!

9:22 - It was such a beautiful day so we decided to take the stroller and walk to the church.

 Don’t you just love the leaves all over?! I do!
And the boots. Jaxen is in love with his new rain boots. As am I.

Playing with his favorite car at Tot Time.

11:03 - After Tot Time we headed home (with a detour through the park). Once we were home, Jaxen was not ready to go in so we stayed outside and drew pictures with chalk. And then played with rocks. Because that is what little boys do!

Again, with the leaves and the boots. 
The cuteness is killing me!

After he gets in trouble for throwing the rocks, 
he nicely stacks them from one step to the next.
Free entertainment :)

Noon-ish - I got lunch together. Jaxen ate left-over pork chops and an apple. Nik had grilled turkey and cheese sandwich with a side of quinoa. I had a banana and shake. While Jaxen was eating and before Nik came home I switched out the laundry (Jaxen eats better if we are not sitting at the table with him!). Nik and I enjoyed lunch together at the table while Jaxen watched a little TV.

Jaxen, alone at the table for lunch!

1:00 - After Nik left, I received a phone call and did some weekend planning for some church events.  

1:25 - Jaxen and I went upstairs and I laid down with him for his nap time.

Cute little boy!

1:45 - Jaxen is asleep, so I went back downstairs and did some menu planning for a couple of weekend church events. 

Again, this is what my table looks like every afternoon…
Diet Mt. Dew, Ipad, notebooks, pens, planner!

2:13 - I sat down to read some of the blogs I “stalk", while eating a snack and texting with a few people.

2:25 - I dusted the downstairs (I try to do one chore a day) and took a look at Jaxen’s playroom and decided what we were doing to do the rest of the afternoon!

How in the world can one room get so messy?!
Oh, yeah - I have a 2 year old :)

2:40 - I was done with my one chore so I sat down to watch a little TV until Jaxen woke up. He normally sleeps about an hour and I sometimes get in 15-20 minutes of TV time (if I decide to watch TV). That is why I watch shows on Netflix or re-runs!

3:00 - Jaxen woke from his nap!

3:27 - We finally made it back downstairs (he takes awhile to wake up from his afternoon nap and has been extra cuddly so I take full advantage of that time)! We worked on picking up his room (he is doing really well with putting his toys away) and then we played with his Noah’s Ark set. I’m trying to get him to match animals, name animals and make animal sounds. Not going so hot…but I just have to believe that one day it will all kick-in!

4:40 - I let Jaxen eat a snack and watch a little TV while I did the dishes and finished prepping dinner.

He loves his little chair!

5:00 - Nik came home / I finished dinner / We ate…not really sure what else happened during this time...

Our dinner: beans and cornbread!

6:30 - Nik and Jaxen played a little car-racing-video-game while I did dishes and cleaned the kitchen. Afterwards, we all sat down to play with legos. Nik and Jaxen made a track while I built tall structures (I try to use the legos to count with Jaxen and work on colors). 

Video games...


7:30 - We sat down to watch a little bit of “The Voice”. Nik really likes this show and Jaxen likes to sing and clap with the show!

He is using my vacuum cleaner part as a mic and likes to sing along.
And then clap for himself!
Right in front of the TV.

We eventually got Jaxen’s pajamas on and put him down to bed between 8:30-8:45.

So…that was a day in our life!
Nothing too exciting. 
But I love it!


  1. How FUN! I definitely count that as a lovely day. You got play time in. You got "me time" in, and although I am a little concerned about your lack of actual food, You did manage to eat something. You are awesome! I love you Sis! Maybe one day you will write a blog post called, The day with my Sister. Ha Ha! Have a good week!

    1. I would love to document a Day With My Sis! Soon, k?! And on the lack of food note - I'm dieting :(