Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Don’t Want to Forget...

There are so many things I forget as the years go by. Especially with Jaxen’s life.
Little things he says or does.

Time is flying by and he is growing up before my eyes and I don’t want to forget…

How when we say “I Love You” to Jaxen, he replies with “I YOU”. 

That he loves having his teeth brushed.

How he wants ketchup with every meal to “dip”, or really, just “lick off”.

He lets me clip his fingernails, but hates having his toenails clipped.

How anytime he wants a snack, he goes and gets one particular bowl 
and then stands in front of the pantry.

That when he naps, he likes to hold on to both of my ears before falling asleep.

That on Sunday’s, when we walk into church he waves at everyone before he sits down.

When we go up/down our stairs, he turns the light on/off every time.

He wants to have 5 blankets on him when he goes to sleep at night. No more. No less.

He wants everyone at the table to hold hands for prayer.
And as Nik prays out-loud, so does he.
In his sweet little voice of words no one understands, but it is the most precious thing ever.

I love him so much and am so blessed to be his momma!

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