Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Assortment of Pictures

Jaxen was being extra clingy so I put him on our island next to me while I cut up cantaloupe.
Apparently he was hungry too! 

Nik hollered at me from the other room a few nights ago and this is what I saw!

A fall day at the park -
And good thing for the rain boots…because Jaxen splashed in every puddle he saw!

Nik was trying on some new boots and Jaxen couldn’t resist putting them on as well.

A beautiful rainbow!

Bath time!

I sent this picture to Nik on Sunday morning to say “Good Morning” -
Jaxen apparently didn’t think the morning was so good.

Monday afternoon we worked on picking up some of the leaves in our yard.
(This morning it didn’t even looked like we made a dent!)

I made cookies Monday night and Jaxen is licking the mixer part,
and eating cookie dough out of the measuring spoon….

...then he moved on to the spatula and once the cookies were baked, he ate 3 of them!

Thursday night Burger King did the cooking for us and we had a lot of fun taking pictures.

Friday morning I spent a couple hours away from the house and Nik
texted me this picture to say “Good Morning”!

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