Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October Thoughts

I know you are probably sick of hearing how beautiful it is here…but it is, and I can’t get over it. Coming from Southeastern NM and Central TX - I have just never experienced this kind of beautiful fall before. I will stop soon. I promise :)

We had the nicest, best September EVER. Most days were in the 70’s and beautiful. I was talking with someone the other day and we both decided the last 3 weeks were more consistent and nice than our entire summer was. It was awesome.

Then Saturday hit. Cloudy, rainy and the high was 60. The rest of the week has panned out about the same. Plus wind.

I think our fall is over and we are definitely heading into winter!

But until winter officially arrives, I am enjoying this view of our backyard -

The leaves. I have absolutely no desire to rake them, because they are beautiful. (Sorry for the blurry spots, it was raining). I know I will need to rake them before the first snow comes because last spring under all the snow were a ton of leaves. Dead, brown, ugly leaves that took forever to clean up. So I will clean them up one day - but until then…I am enjoying them!

Saturday (along with the cold weather) was the first day of the church’s Pumpkin Patch! This is a youth fundraiser that Nik is in charge of.

Cute, huh? Jaxen and I went on Tuesday and picked out a couple of pumpkins to bring home! (We may go back and get a few more). 

There is a youth fall retreat this weekend that Nik and some of the teens are headed to. I will be hanging at home with the little boy.

That is all for tonight! Enjoy FALL this week! 

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