Monday, October 6, 2014

Old Forge, NY

Just to give you an idea of the location...

We visited Old Forge, NY, on Thursday.
It was a quick road trip. 
I wanted to go somewhere to experience the “changing of the leaves” and Old Forge was 
the closest place, and is in the base of the Adirondack Mountains.

Once we had been on the road a bit - the drive was beautiful. 
I took pictures but the sights and the colors are not really something you can capture from a camera. Especially and iPhone camera, in a moving car.

So these pics are just to give you a little idea.

Enjoy :)
We did. And the whole time, I kept thinking…I live here!

 Once we arrived in Old Forge, we ate a quick lunch at an-ok-place. 
Nothing to blog about!

But after lunch, we rode the gondola up the mountain!
Yes, Nik and I match…no, it was not planned!

The gondola ride was super beautiful.
Once at the top, we went for a short hike through the woods.

After the hike, we checked out all the great views.
Again, pictures do not do this view justice.

Going back down!
It was starting to get super cloudy and a little cold.

After that adventure, we hit up a candy shop and then a coffee shop and headed home!

It was a quick, fun road trip.
I’m so glad I got to experience the “changing of the leaves”.

The leaves are definitely changing here and it is pretty,
but the sights and views from this trip were incomparable.

I am so thankful for the beauty that we get to enjoy in the North Country!


  1. Do you know it is still 90 degrees here in good ole' New Mexico! UGH! Enjoy your fall! I really did use the pictures from you guys' retreat as the screen saver on my computer. I am not kidding!

    1. I'm glad you used the pics as a screen saver. Now you will think of us every day! I cannot believe how hot it is there...we are in the 50s. I sure don't miss the heat :)