Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kiss Face

Greetings from Houston!

We are here for our District Meetings this week. 

Jaxen has been so good for us while we stay at a hotel and are in meetings all day.
He went to the nursery this morning, then his great-aunt Pam came and
rescued him this afternoon. I think they had fun!

I had to pull him out of the nursery during service tonight, though. 
He was just tired. So we hung out and I got some Jaxen-love.

Speaking of Jaxen-love....

He sends kisses your way!

This is the new face he makes.

And I am totally digging it!

I think it is the cutest thing, ever!

And now I'm off to bed. Just wanted to share these pictures with you.

We have another long day tomorrow. 

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