Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Do you ever feel that you cannot get ahead of the game? I'm sure most of you do. That is where I have been the last few days. Reeling from behind, trying to catch up.

But -

When my little guy was not feeling well yesterday, I laid down with him for his nap and cuddled him and brushed the hair from his face and gave him kisses as he woke up many times from restless sleep. He is having a hard time with allergies right now. And teething. Two new bottom teeth popped through. I think he is better today, but he was just sluggish all day yesterday.

And -

Since the weather is absolutely perfect, Jaxen and I took advantage last night sitting outside until past dark. Playing, cuddling, talking with the many neighbors who were outside as well. It was fun and relaxing and in those moments it did not matter that I was behind.

I hope that you can find those moments as well.


Sprinkler spotted.

Checking back to see what I'm up to.


Going in for it.

It got him!

He loved playing in the sprinkler!

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  1. What a very precious time! How fun. I love you all!