Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Little Life Lately

I am finishing this blog post from NM. 
I have been trying to complete it now for a few days… 
but other things have taken priority - haha! 
So…here you go…!

Here is a whole bunch of pictures for you today…just a little bit of life. I have really been failing in the picture taking department, probably because my kiddos are moving all the time and it’s hard to get pics! I have been taking more videos. Which I love, because I am capturing everything about them in this stage of life. It is so fun to look back on and re-watch!

But here are some of what I have taken right now -

I think I’ve told you (not sure) but Zane is strictly on a bottle, and has been for awhile.
After I had weaned him completely for about 4 days, in a moment of desperation,
I tried to nurse him (in effort to give me relief because my body was still producing milk)
and he would not nurse. That was a good sign, I guess - haha!
He still loves to cuddle up with me to take a bottle, so that is nice.

 We have been trying to get some time outside here lately,
in between the rain and the cold!
Outside is Zane’s happy place right now.

Whatever Jaxen was doing…Zane had to be right next to him!

Zane has found a new favorite place to play (inside my kitchen island)!

I was standing at the island one morning, doing some work while
Zane happily played all around me, and in the island.
Works for me!

It’s starting to look like summer around here!
Everything is green and the campfire pit at church is all ready.
We have 4 Campfire & Lawn Game nights planned for this summer at the church.
Nothing beats a campfire, s'more’s and lawn games :)

Zane and I were doing some work at church one morning
but had to stop for a cheese stick break.

I feel like I am always in a sweatshirt with messy hair…
and that’s why I like Sunday Selfies - because I actually comb my hair on those days - haha!

I took Zane to a play group last week and he found this crown, 
that he kept putting on his neck and walking around.
He was so cute…and can you see those pursed lips?
Yup, his lips were pursed the whole time - not sure why?!
But he got lots of kisses from it!

One afternoon I was trying to prep dinner and the boys wanted to play outside.
So I brought my stuff outside.
All was fine - until I cut my finger slicing sweet potatoes, 
because Zane made a noise that made me whip my head back. 
Lesson learned.

Nik was out of town last Saturday and this is how my day started.
Cuddling my boys in bed!

And this was not long after.
Zane knows how to get a snack and pour it all over the floor.

And then we went to the store and these two are
really starting to like each other!

I posted this picture on social media and I love it!
It’s my mom, grandma, mother in law and me with both my boys. 
I love the examples these women (and many others) have set before me.
Happy Mother’s Day to all!

This is what the start of my Mother’s Day looked like..
laundry and the boys playing - pretty much sums up my life!

And can little boys run around with no shirts on?
Because seriously - look how precious Zane is!

I finally got everyone dressed and we took a few pics before heading out to church.

And here is me, on Mother’s Day.
See all the gray?! Ha!

After a lunch of leftovers and naps for Zane and I, we headed out to eat dinner.

We ate at Pi Craft. 
It’s my favorite pizza place. Yummy!

While we were waiting for our pizza, we took silly pictures.

Monday we spent some time outside :)

And that’s a little bit of life lately!

I’m having a great time in NM so far - recap coming soon eventually.

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