Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Teacher Appreciation

This week is Teacher Appreciation week…and I very much appreciate all of Jaxen’s teachers!

From day one, when he was to scared to walk down the hall,
they would come get him from the office and walk with him.

They have been so patient and helpful with Jaxen’s speech,
and it has improved greatly.

They are kind to him, and I know so - 
because of the way he “teaches his kids” at home.

These three teachers spend a lot of time with my son,
shaping him and teaching him and I could not have asked for better this year!

We picked out little succulent plants for each teacher,
plus I made double-chocolate chip brownies.

Jaxen wrote their names on the envelopes and added hearts
because “I love them so much mommy”. 

Plus, I let Jaxen tell me some things he loved about his teachers
and wanted to thank them for, and then I included it in the card
along with a note from me.

Here is what he said about Mrs. Groth:
My favorite thing about you is your teaching and when you 
pick me first to choose what toy I want out.
Thank you for for helping me to write my name when I forget.

And to Mrs. Bundy:
She’s the best at taking care of Bently and Dustin in the lunchroom
so they don’t disobey.
Thank you for giving me hugs at school.

And to Mr. Neal:
He does funny things and does high-fives too slow.
He is the funniest.
Thank you for teaching outside.


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