Sunday, May 7, 2017

Life Lately

Life lately has been a bit CRAZY.

As always, there has been lots going on.
I can tell that “winter” is about over and every one is done being cozy…
because our calendar is booking up quickly!

It’s all good…
I just have to stop every now and then and get my head (and calendar) 
up to speed and caught up on everything. 
That is what I’ve been doing tonight.
Meal planning and calendar-updating.

Speaking of meal-planning…

And speaking of summer…
I’m not sure if you are aware - but we have been getting so much rain.
So much, in fact, areas here are flooding.
The lake is so high right now.
And everything is wet. 
My back yard is basically a pond.
Oh, and it’s been in the 40’s here…come on summer!

But before we got all this rain, we had a work day at church
and I took this picture after - look how pretty everything is starting to look!

Jaxen is still sleeping in his toddler bed with (almost) all his animals…

and Zane is...Zane. Haha!

This kid is a mess right now!
He has learned to climb.
On shelves, on tv stands, on stools, on chairs…anything and everything.
Which means, he is in anything and everything!

But he is still cute!

And so is this one…!

Here are some other pics from my attempt this morning…

And yesterday we had a nice family day-out!
First stop…Home Depot.
Jaxen was so excited to go to the “construction” store and build something!

We actually spent a lot of time in the store.
Just walking and looking at everything.
Plus, Jaxen had to pick out some flower seeds to plant in his pot.
He picked Sunflowers.
And yes, I know that once we plant them, I’ll have to take them out and transfer them.
But that is what he wanted. Dead set.

And there was no way I was telling him that his little flower pot
was supposed to be something the kids made to give to moms for Mother’s Day.
No way.
They have learned all about seeds and plants in school and he has been begging
me to help him plant some flowers.
So this flower pot was all for him - haha!

And we could not leave with out looking at the tractors.
Of course.

Next up - 
McDonalds for some play time.
Seriously, that is what we do when it is rainy and cold.

And then, Target :)
We spent so much time in Target - it was actually really fun!
We looked at me a new calendar, got a few groceries, 
looked at nerf guns, swim stuff, clothes and ended with Nik a coffee from Starbucks.

Once we left both kiddos were passed out in the car so we took 
a scenic way home - looking at the lake.
And now we want to buy a cottage on the lake.
Crazy, I know…but a dream!

One fun thing this week was introducing a new fun game to our church…
We played with the adults during our Coffee Break time on Tuesday
and then Nik introduced it to the teens tonight.
And everyone loved it!
Even Jaxen loves it.
So easy, but yet competitive :)

I have a really busy week this week, 
but the thing I am most looking forward to is this - 

A Tea Party with Jaxen at his school.
He colored the tea cup and then the “tea bag” is his school picture.
So precious, right?!
I absolutely love it and am looking forward to this fun time!

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