Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Vehicle Exchange

Not an exchange really…but we have bought and sold a vehicle.

We bought a 2003 Honda Pilot 4wd.

And sold the Volvo.

Back when we first moved here, we were looking for a Honda Pilot, but never found one within our budget. So we bought the Volvo. It was a fine vehicle. We just really missed having an SUV. Nik saw the Honda Pilot for sale on the way to golf one afternoon. A few days later, he saw the same one online. After a few days, maybe a week, we finally got a chance to look at it. It really was what we wanted. An SUV with 3rd road seating and 4wd. Score!

The great thing…we sold our Volvo for asking price, within 48 hours of listing it, and within a couple hundred dollars of what we paid for the Honda Pilot!

The Honda Pilot is definitely a used vehicle and we will probably have to put some money into it down the road…but we are willing to do so.

Just thought I would update you on our vehicle situation!

And for kicks…because no blog is complete without a Jaxen picture (or so I have been told) -

This morning, when leaving the house, Jaxen had to have 2 drinks, 
a car and his little purple computer. 
He is yelling at me in the picture because he needs help down the steps because his hands are full!

This afternoon Jaxen was playing with his tools. 
He does not have a tool belt and he didn’t have any pockets on these particular pants. 
So hammers stuffed into his pants is how he was rolling! Ha ha!

This last picture cracks me up.
Shirt - which the back of it is tucked into his diaper - a diaper - and rain boots =
Happy Boy!

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