Monday, September 29, 2014

Pee Pee in the Potty

Clever title, huh?!

I am blogging this moment more so I can remember our “Potty Training Journey” however, I’m sure that those related to us will enjoy a Jaxen-potty-story. I’m not sure about those of you not related…I know you don’t find the same things as adorable as those in your own family!


We came back from a weekend away (more on that later) and Jaxen could really care less about us being back! I mean, I know deep down he was probably happy and relieved…but he cried when our babysitter left Sunday night and it took him a really long time to hug or even play with either one of us!

And he was saying a few new words! Now…when I say “new words” (at this point, anyway) they are more like sounds that sound the same as a word might…still very few actual words.

Now to my main point…

Nik went to the bathroom and Jaxen followed right along, like he normally does. The minute Jaxen was in the bathroom he started pulling his shorts off and was wanting his diaper off too. Nik helped him with the diaper and Jaxen sat down on his potty (nothing new). But….when he got up from his potty - there was pee pee in there!!!!

Nik hollered at me and I came to see what was going on. We clapped and celebrated and then washed hands and put the lid down (trying to train right!).

And that was that.

He has not sat on the potty anymore since last night.

So that is how the potty training is going. I am not rushing this process. But I also don’t want to lose momentum either. I’m really just taking it one day at a time and trying to follow Jaxen’s cues.

All of the above combined (not happy we were home / new words / using the potty) made me realize how much my little boy is growing up. I was gone a little more than 48 hours and he was totally changing - and it hurt my feelings!!! Not really hurt my feelings, but you know what I mean. Sad and happy all at once.


While we were grocery shopping today, 
I realized by the time we headed to the car - Jaxen was buried!
And yes, that is a can of Pringles in his hands.
I gave in today and shopped in peace while he ate quietly…
this was after multiple items found themselves into my cart and 
his hands were touching everything! Ha ha!

More to come about our weekend!

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