Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Few Pics

This has a been a weird week. 

But the good news is that family is coming to see me!


That is all I got today.

Don’t worry - I am not leaving you with a blank blog post.

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks that never made it to the blog...

Jaxen and his back pack. 
I don’t use it much anymore, because it has a hole in it. 
But seeing this picture makes me want to patch the hole and keep using it!

We were eating in the mall food court one day after a movie with friends
and at this point three different kids were surrounding Jaxen, feeding him fries.
He is the youngest of this particular bunch and they all love “taking care of him”!
I love that they love him so much :)

Playing outside one day (right after his hair was cut).
That haircut made such a difference!

I forgot to include this picture in a past post (the “Food” post).
After Jaxen was done playing, he dragged his chair in and relaxed!

That’s all for today!
Just FYI - school started here today. Summer is officially over.

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